School Exclusion Risks after Covid-19

This report looks at potential new and heightened risks for school exclusions caused by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Exclusions have risen sharply in England in the last few years. Over-represented groups include children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), from particular ethnic backgrounds and those living in areas of high deprivation. We know the impact of Covid-19 on schools is substantial for practitioners and students.

The social and emotional disruption caused by the pandemic and the subsequent school closures is highly likely to have increased or exacerbated student anxiety and other mental health issues.

There is also a concern with school connectedness for vulnerable students whose patterns of school attendance have been disrupted. These concerns raise issues around transitions back to school settings.

  • Harry Daniels
  • Ian Thompson
  • Jill Porter
  • Alice Tawell
  • Hilary Emery


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