Advisory Group



The Jurisdiction Advisory Groups will support and challenge the Excluded Lives team in developing their research and analysis.

The Advisory Groups, representing the four jurisdictions, comprise a mix of academics and users and will direct our team to other research and activity in the field, as well as commenting on the progress of the Excluded Lives research.


Group members


Professor Danny Dorling – University of Oxford
Professor Sally Tomlinson – University of Oxford
Professor Judy Sebba – University of Oxford
Rupert Moreton – University of Oxford
Dan Owen – National Leader for Behaviour and Accountability, Academies Enterprise Trust


Dr George Head – University of Glasgow
Jacqui Ward – Education Scotland
Maggie Fallon – Mental Health Directorate, Scottish Government

Northern Ireland

Dearbhla Holohan – Include Youth
Gerry Campbell – Catholic Council for Maintained Schools NI
Barry Mulholland – Controlled Schools Support Council NI
Kathryn Stevenson – Children’s Law Centre
Maire Thompson – Hazelwood Integrated College
Bronagh Byrne – Queen’s University Belfast
Siobhan McAlister – Queen’s University Belfast


Dr Julie Doughty – Cardiff University
Armando Di-Finizio – Education Consultant
Dr Philip Smith – Research Associate, Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre (CASCADE)