Mapping Pre and Post-exclusion Trajectories using Tiki-Toki Desktop Timeline Software

Drawing on findings from the Excluded Lives project: ‘An Interdisciplinary View of Permanent Disciplinary Exclusion in Oxfordshire’, this paper will explore the use of Tiki-Toki Desktop Timeline software in plotting the pre and post-exclusion trajectories of 43 pupils who were permanently excluded from school in Oxfordshire in 2012/13. We will describe how this technology enabled us to map data from the Education and Social Care records held by the Local Authority for each of the pupils, helping us to build a detailed picture of their school, exclusion, intervention, and service use histories. We will explore both the methodological advantages and limitations of utilising the Tiki-Toki Desktop Timeline software to explore school exclusion as a multifaceted process, and outline the potential implications for both researchers and practitioners.

  • Alice Tawell
  • Eszter Saghy
  • Zening Yang


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